Some great magnets for any craft.

10 Pack N45 Neodymium Magnets 1.5 inches wide by .0625 inches thick rare Earth disc magnets.

These are bigger than a dollar coin. They are really strong and the finish on them is perfect. Before I received them i did not realize the size of them. These are great for refrigerator doors and for for cabinets or to keep small 🔧 tools attached to the wall.

According to Wikipedia’s this is what it says about these magnets…
Neodymium is a metal which is ferromagnetic (more specifically it shows antiferromagnetic properties), meaning that like iron it can be magnetized to become a magnet, but its Curie temperature (the temperature above which its ferromagnetism disappears) is 19 K (−254 °C), so in pure form its magnetism only appears at extremely low temperatures. However, compounds of neodymium with transition metals such as iron can have Curie temperatures well above room temperature, and these are used to make neodymium magnets. They are also the strongest used on and most popular in use. 

The finish is smooth and has not scratched anything I’ve used it on and my son loves playing with them. You can buy them here

They come with a warranty.


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