Trim your beard before trimming your turkey or the Christmas 🌲!

So I was halfway into #noshavenovember before I realized I did not want to have hair in all my Thanksgiving fixins! I could see it now, the whole family there sitting down ready to enjoy all the goodness that Thanksgiving dinner brings like smashed potatoes with gravy, string beans marinated in special secret sauce, asperagus and brussel sprouts! Everyone with their plates in front of them and ready to eat after saying Grace, they look down and before the fork hits their mouth they see IT!, part of my bearded November challenge just chilling there on top of the turkey and potatoes 🤢. It would be my last supper ever made! All because I did not save for some stupid social media challenge!
Well I got on Amazon and did what any normal caring human would do and ordered me this Excellent men’s trimmer.
I waited the usual 2 days shipping and in that time the beard just grew longer. My son thought Mommy had left his dad and gotten a freedom fighter from the Confederate army and my wife loved the fact that she could use my face as a loofa!
The dog and cat enjoyed finding snacks in my beard that had fallen lost. As soon as the doorbell rang I jumped off my ass and grabbed the box and ripped it open and plugged that sucker in! After waiting 24 hours to make sure the razor was charged I went to work on destroying the masterpiece that was on my face. I removed the attachment that was on it and went full raw blade, I was not going to leave anything that resembled a beard! Turning it on I felt the power of the dark side vibrating in my hand. It felt powerful and just slid across my face like butter.
It took off nearly all the hair and left just stubble that I would have to shave with a regular razor. Well after the cleanup, I looked 10 years younger and my kids remembered I was still here but the wife is now on tinder looking for a bearded man who can be her loofa that she lost ☹️.
This year there will be no wayward hairs from this cook and the family will be happy once more! Save your family and order this unit and you will not be disappointed this Christmas! Say NO to #noshavenovember and YES to #nohairinmyfood
Order here if you want to get this for your man for Christmas .


Mining in the 21st century.

 Minecraft PE

I picked this up after my son who at the time was not even 5 years old then wanted to play this thanks to YouTube videos he came across.


He has since built houses and buildings I didn’t think he could draw much less build in 3d blocks. He even makes statues of the characters in the game.

This is a great game with minimal violence and so much creativity.

Get it for your Amazon devices here

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Review of BeLive gummy probiotics

I’ve been using these for two weeks and it has been easy to take them daily. They are very yummy and you can’t tell that you are taking anything but candy. These are sugar free and a lot of other stuff free.Probiotics are now a big part of keeping your gut healthy as bad bacteria will take over your good bacteria that is needed to keep you healthy. You can buy pills, drinks, or even gummies like these. These are yummy as I have been using them for over 14 days. I keep them in the refrigerator so they are nice and cold, just my preference since they do not say to refrigerate.

They have billions of CFs in them per serving so you should be getting the expected dosage recommended. The thing that is interesting is that no one knows how much you need or what kinds you should have. These are easy to chew and take daily that you will not even know you are taking probiotics. you get a good amount for the price and even toddlers can take this according to the company.

You can purchase them here on Amazon or Walmart. @belivesupplements


This is a good case and easy way up add a glass protector to your screen with the included template tool.

You just snap the tool on and place the glass protector on top and squeeze out the air bubbles.

I ordered the 10.5 but got sent the 9.7 one and after contacting the company was told it was not their issue so I luckly have a 9.7 iPad that I could use this on and the glass protector is what I wanted most for it anyways.

This soft case truly is clear, no yellow tint that some other “clear” cases seem to have. The case fits well and has a good grip. While it has a cutout for the magnetic strip that attaches to the Apple keyboard, it actually does not work. The Apple keyboard has a larger cradle that the iPad rests in, in addition to the magnetic strip. With the case the keyboard cradle does not nest since with the case the iPad is thicker. The result is that the keyboard does not attach. Since the price of this case is so good, I will use an Exacto knife to cut the case so the keyboard can fit.

Even if you plan on buying a “fancier” case in the future, don’t leave your Pro 2 naked! Buy this and protect it- a worthwhile purchase.
1. Nonslip, ridged grips along all 4 sides: Feels very secure and non-slippery in my hands.
2. Cutouts for all buttons: Speakers, camera, mic, ports, headphone jack, and volume control have perfect cutouts. The power button is the only covered one, but can be pressed easily.
3. Crystal clear: There is no shading or tinges of color. Clear and transparent so your Pro 2’s design and color will still be displayed.
4. Minimalist Design: Slim and unobtrusive. Lightweight.

You can purchase it here with a coupon for half off when you see the end of the video.

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The best portable Bluetooth speaker with a few surprises!

So I purchased this Bluetooth speaker because I wanted an actual alarm clock for my school age child. What I received is better than I imagined.

It’s the AncordWorks Bluetooth portable Alarm clock with FM radio AW45.

Here are some of the things I like about this…

  • It’s a powerful Bluetooth speaker with 5.5 watts of 💓 pumping bass and treble
  • It has hands free calling on it
  • It’s an alarm clock
  • It also has built in FM radio built in with programmable scan
  • It is rechargable and has a 8 to 10 hour play time per 3 to 4 hour full charge
  • It reads TF cards up too 32gigs and also has an AUX input
  • It’s portable and has a built in handle and is water resistant not waterproof
  • The sound is phenomenal and for a small package is very impressive.

All in all this is a very nice all in one package you can leave at home or take with you anywhere.

Check out my video and subscribe comment and like for more.

You can get your very own here from Amazon

Get shopping and enjoy your day. 

SENQIAO Inflatable Travel Pillow (Black)

SENQIAO Inflatable Travel Pillow (Black)

Great pillow to take traveling. 

This Inflatable pillow inflates to a pretty good size travel upright pillow. 

It comes with a travel pouch the size of front pocket to carry around. After inflating it very easily, it becomes a private sleeping pillow that can hide your slobbering mouth lol. 

You can also place your phone inside and watch a movie in private. 

I received this sample for trying out and sharing my experience with you.


240 Softgels 1200mg CALCIUM + 1000IU Vitamin D3 Complex

According to web research The benefits of calcium. Your body needs calcium to build and maintain strong bones. Your heart, muscles and nerves also need calcium to function properly. Some studies suggest that calcium, along with vitamin D, may have benefits beyond bone health: perhaps protecting against cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Adequate vitamin D intake is important for the regulation of calcium and phosphorus absorption, maintenance of healthy bones and teeth, and is suggested to supply a protective effect against multiple diseases and conditions such as cancer, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. … Maintain the health of bones and teeth. 

This company gave me a discounted bottle to try out of their combination calcium pill with D3 added. The pill is a little big but not so you can’t take it. 

It is easy to swallow and no after taste or Burping taste. You receive 240 capsules enough for more than half a year and for the price it is worth the try.